Welcome to Daily Motivational Random Bible Chapter, your daily dose of biblical inspiration.

How do I do it? The chapters are truly and honestly chosen at random. I sometimes drop the Bible on a table top, and allow it to fall open. Other times, I simply open it and then allow my fingers to freely flick through the pages until I feel like stopping. Occasionally, I will stab a flat blade of some sort into the edge of the pages, and open it to wherever the blade stuck in. So yes, it is truly a random selection. I then briefly summarize the chapter.

This whole thing started as an experiment a few months ago. I have been a Christian for over 50 years, but I realized recently that I had never actually read the Old Testament, except for a few passages here and there, plus one attempt about 30 years ago where I only made it through about half of Genesis before giving up. So I decided recently that I would pick up the Bible once a day and open to a random Old Testament chapter and read it and try to find some motivation. What I found was a book full of terror and death, war and punishment, anger and vengeance. It turned out that every single day, the random chapter was always something… well… horrifying. As I continued doing this, I realized that about every 10 days, I would land on a chapter that wasn’t horrifying, but rather was some sort of mundane list or genealogy, or accounting of meaningless events. So far, I have not found anything encouraging, hopeful, or inspiring. I started this blog as a way of recording my discoveries in the hope that someday I will randomly land on something helpful or motivational from the Old Testament. Something. Someday.