Micah 5

This chapter is the one with the prophecy about how the Messiah would come from Bethlehem. However, the prophecy goes on to describe the Messiah as a sword wielding soldier of the Lord who would defeat the Assyrians, like a lion among sheep, ripping them to shreds. (Note: Sorry the Daily Chapter was down for a little bit. I promise to keep it up as best I can.)


Ezekiel 16

God, speaking through his prophet Ezekiel, really lets Israel have it. I’m paraphrasing, but He basically says, “You dirty filthy whore! I found you as a bloody dumpster baby. I raised you to be a beautiful woman and I gave you clothes and jewels and food and I married you. How do you repay me? By sleeping with every guy you see. You are even worse than a whore because you give yourself away for free. Now I’m going to destroy you! I will bring all your enemies together and they will stone you to death, and then chop your body up into little pieces. You are just like your mother. You are worse than your sisters, who are also whores, but you are worse. I will forgive you, but you will be ashamed forever.”

2 Samuel 4

This motivational bible chapter tells the story of how Rekab and Baanah went to the house of Saul’s son Ishbosheth and murdered him while he lay sleeping in bed (by stabbing him beneath the 5th rib). Then they chopped off his head and carried it to King David and presented it as vengeance for the Lord, hoping that this would please the King. Instead, King David responded in the opposite of what they expected, and ordered Rekab and Baanah to be killed, having their hands and feet cut off and their bodies hung over the pool at Hebron.

Deuteronomy 3

Moses, following God’s order, continues his battle march North, and encounters King Og, of Bashan. MosesĀ  and his army swiftly slaughters every person (including women and children) in over 60 towns, plundering and destroying them. The remainder of the chapter is a detailed accounting of how the seized property was assigned to various tribes. At the end is a quick prayer of praise from Moses, but God is angry with him and doesn’t listen. (Interesting note: The people of Bashan were apparently giants, as King Og was buried in a coffin 6 feet wide and 14 feet long.)

2 Samuel 13

Today’s daily motivational chapter tells the story of how King David’s son, Amnon, rapes his half-sister Tamar. Of course, she is disgraced. A couple of years pass. Absalam, one of Tamar’s brothers, seeks revenge against Amnon for raping his sister. Absalam gets Amnon drunk and commands his servants to murder him. At first, King David mistakenly thinks all of his sons have been murdered. When he discovers it is only Amnon who has been killed, he is relieved. He seeks to reconcile with his vengeful and murderous son, Absalam. Tamar is never again mentioned.