Numbers 19

Happy New Year! Today’s chapter has instructions from God about how to properly sacrifice a perfect red cow. Detailed instructions are provided about how to spatter the blood and burn the intestines, etc. The second half of the chapter describes how to deal with a human corpse.


1 Samuel 16

For today, we randomly land on the story of how David was anointed king of Israel. Basically, the Lord tells Samuel that the new king is a son of Jesse from Bethlehem, so Samuel travels there to sacrifice a cow, and asks to see the sons of Jesse. One by one, the Lord rejects them, until the youngest, David, is brought before him, to which God says, “This is the one.” The second half of the chapter describes how Saul, the outgoing king, becomes possessed by an evil spirit from the Lord. David comes to Saul and comforts him with a harp, and the evil spirit departs.