2 Kings 10

One of the Bibles on my shelf, the Good News Bible, provides additional headings to describe the various sections of any particular chapter. Today’s random chapter contains the headings:

The Descendents of Ahab Are Killed
The Relatives of King Ahaziah Are Killed
All Remaining Relatives of Ahab Are Killed
The Worshipers of Baal Are Killed
The Death of Jehu

The heading for the first section, in which 70 of Ahab’s descendants are beheaded, is a little deceptive, as the section also includes a description of how all of Ahab’s officers, close friends, and priests are also killed.


2 Samuel 4

This motivational bible chapter tells the story of how Rekab and Baanah went to the house of Saul’s son Ishbosheth and murdered him while he lay sleeping in bed (by stabbing him beneath the 5th rib). Then they chopped off his head and carried it to King David and presented it as vengeance for the Lord, hoping that this would please the King. Instead, King David responded in the opposite of what they expected, and ordered Rekab and Baanah to be killed, having their hands and feet cut off and their bodies hung over the pool at Hebron.