Micah 5

This chapter is the one with the prophecy about how the Messiah would come from Bethlehem. However, the prophecy goes on to describe the Messiah as a sword wielding soldier of the Lord who would defeat the Assyrians, like a lion among sheep, ripping them to shreds. (Note: Sorry the Daily Chapter was down for a little bit. I promise to keep it up as best I can.)


2 Kings 1

In this, the first chapter of the second book of Kings, we hear the story of how the King of Israel, Ahaziah, is not happy about the prophet Elijah’s prediction that he will die. The King sends a hundred men out to meet Elijah on a mountain, but Elijah summons the fire of God and all 100 men are killed. Finally, Elijah comes off the mountain and delivers God’s message directly to Ahaziah. Then Ahaziah dies. Prophecy fulfilled!

Numbers 24

Merry Christmas, everyone! For today we have the story of how King Balak wanted the prophet Balaam to curse his enemies, the Israelis. Instead, Balaam’s prophecy was a blessing for the people of Israel. This made the King angry, but Balaam explained that he can’t say anything but what God tells him to say. Then Balaam went on to describe how all the various nations were going to be destroyed.